Stirling Blues Club

Working towards monthly 'Live Blues' in Stirling with a summer launch 2017.  

We're currently working toward the launch of Stirling Blues Club - we aim to have a monthly gig one week before the regular FBC monthly Bluesnight in Falkirk.

Doug Smith of FBC manages Stirling BluesClub - he can be contacted at:
or by way of this site at FBC for any information required.

It is the aim of Stirling BluesClub to develop live Blues interest within the Stirling area from summer 2017 onwards by way of regular monthly gigs at a single venue to be announced soon.

We recommend that you tune to Bruce Tait's 'Rockin' Blues Roadshow' on Thursday evenings from 6-8pm on Stirling City Radio for 2 hours of Blues and more, where updates on both Stirling and Falkirk BluesClubs - and indeed on all local Blues matters are given weekly.